Pere Ubu

Tracklisting (song/album)
Final Solution (7”)
Non alignment pact (the modern dance 1978)
Codex – Dub Housing 1978
Goodbye – new picnic time 1979
Crush this horn – The Art Of Walking
A day such as this – songs of the bailing man 1982
Something’s Gotta Give – Tenement Of The Year, 1988
Electricity – ray gun suitcase 1995
Woolie bullie – pensylvanya 1997
Steve – st. arkansas
Babylonian warehouse – why i hate women 2006
Musicians are scum – Lady from Shangai (2013)
Irene – carnival of souls 2014
funk 49 – 20 years in a montana missile silo 2017
Flicking cigarettes in the sun – The long goodbye

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