Father and sons 113 – SLANTED TO THE CORE a crossover/noise/hardcore mixtape

Primus – My name is mud
Deftones – Change (acoustic version)
Korn – Freak on a leash
Jesus Lizard – Glamourous
Fugazi – Waiting room
Red hot chili peppers – Backwoods
Infectious groove – Violent & funky
Limp Bizkit – Nookie
Biohazard – Tales from the hard side
Helmet – Wilma’s rainbow
Urban dance squad – Good grief
Limbomaniacs – Porno
Mind funk – Sugar ain’t so sweet
Bad Brains – Big takeover
Living colour – Never satisfied
Fishbone – Freddy’s dead
Orange 9mm – Suspect
Faith no more – Midlife crisis
Dog eat dog – No fronts (Jay’s rework)
Cypress hill – Hand on the pump (live)
Disposable heroes of hiphoprisy – Television, the drug of the nation
FFF – Ac2n
Fungo mungo – Hype is stupid
Steve Salas colorcode – The harder they come
Suicidal Tendencies – you can’t bring me down

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