The b52’s, planet claire,
the jam, start,
the selecter, on my radio,
new york dolls, personality,
david bowie, suffragette city,
mick ronson, only after dark,
lou reed, hangin’ round,
elvis costello, radio radio,
the clash, lost in the supermarket,
the modern lovers, somethin i care about,
the only ones, another girl another planet,
the undertones, my perfect cousin,
ultravox, rockwrok,
the cure, play for today,
brian eno, king’s lead hat,
elvis costello, chelsea,
the beat, mirror in the bathroom,
the ruts, babylon’s burning,
dr feelgood, she does it right,
joe jackson, i’m the man,
the police, next to you,
the saints, stranded,
the ramones, sheena is a punk rocker,
devo, come back jonee,
christian death, romeo’s distress,
the vapors, turning japanese,
the dead boys, sonic reducer,
david bowie, hang on to yourself,
mc5, looking at you,
the buzzcocks, orgasm addict,
devo, uncontrollable urge,
adolescents, amoeba,
x, riding with mary,
gun club, my dreams,
going underground, gaznevada,
dead kennedys, california uber alles,
spizzenergy, where’s captain kirk,
radio birdman, what gives,
x, under the big black sun,
circus mort, swallow you,

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