Father & sons 124 – WARP records mixtape

Father & sons 124 – WARP records mixtape

(Tracklist) LFO – Aphex Twin – Simon From Sydney (Pram remix) Two Lone Swordsmen – Spine Bubbles (Ellis Island Sound Remix) Autechre – Vletrmx (Plaid Remix) Squarepusher – Big Loada (Oval Remix) Broadcast – Booklovers (Andy Votel Remix) Broadcast – Hammer Without a Master (Underdog Remix) LFO – Nurture (Surgeon Remix) Nightmares On Wax – Playtime (John McEntire Remix) Sweet Exorcist – Mad Jack (Jimi Tenor Remix) Boards of Canada – Alpha And Omega Prefuse 73 – Styles That Fade Away With A Collonade Reprise Autechre – Characi (Jim O’Rourke Remix) LFO – Tied Up (Spiritualized Remix) Link – Arcadian (Mogwai Remix)

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